I Am Gayle Berry




I will be hosting with masterclass support from Suzy Ashworth, serial entrepreneur, coach and Hay House Author.

This trip will change your life.

This is a unique trip and experience that will stay with you forever and enable you to create a vision for your business to scale your impact.

Nine days to connect with a new vision for your business, the power of social impact, of conscious leadership and to open your eyes to how you can create a sustainable business that transforms the world.

This trip is not for profit so all profits will go straight back to the communities we will be working with to empower and elevate them from poverty.

“This trip has changed my life forever” Sarah

Love Support Unite Malawi

Love Support Unite (LSU) (registered charity 1162406) empowers people to become self-sufficient, with a leg-up rather than a hand-out. It runs community-based projects that integrate education, enterprise, nutrition and health, lift communities out of the cycle of poverty into a cycle of sustainability.

LSU is a small grassroots charity. Running costs are kept as low as possible at below 15 % of funds raised so that 90% goes directly to projects in Malawi.

Through integrated community-based projects, using sustainable infrastructure and resources, including clean water and energy, we create self-sufficiency and food security, breaking reliance on aid, and disrupting the cycle of poverty.


Changing the world with love

Love Support Unite (LSU) began out of the work of its sister charity, Tilinanu Orphanage. Founded by Mercy Mkandawire, Alice met Mercy volunteering in Malawi in 2009, and became Founder of the UK side of Tilinanu, helping to build a loving home for the girls. Nina, her sister, joined her in supporting Tilinanu, the same year. Through this work, they became aware of the urgent needs of wider communities in Malawi, and so, Love Support Unite UK was born.

Working on very little budget and resources, Nina and Alice built the charity from the ground up with the intention to empower communities sustainably and elevate them from poverty using their 360 holistic approach to development, Foundations For The Future, this is implemented by granting funds to Malawi based charities such as LSU Malawi, Tilinanu Orphan care, Africa Vision Malawi, Mphatso children’s foundation and Malawi Schools Permaculture.

Alice and Nina created Love Specs, (love-tinted diffraction spectacles that turn points of light into rainbow hearts) as a way to raise money for Tilinanu and Love Support Unite and to build a community of supporters to get involved in projects as volunteers, fundraisers and ambassadors. Love Specs are loved across the world in their own right and have raised over £100,000 since they launched.

Gayle Berry joined Love Support Unite as a volunteer in 2014 to share her knowledge of mother and infant health and quickly became a co-founder of the mother and infant health initiative. She volunteers as a fundraiser in the UK and raises awareness Love Support Unite’s grassroots work.

“This trip opened my eyes up to a whole new world” – Jayne

Get grounded in how your work can transform lives and elevate your vision for the future of your business.

An unforgettable and inspirational eight days in Malawi, “the warm heart of Africa” surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs looking to elevate their impact and income in the world. This trip is designed to make you see your true potential as an entrepreneur, leader and changemaker. It will give you insight into how you can share your unique talents in the world to make a difference to others in a powerful way. 

You will have the opportunity to volunteer at a grassroots level with my charity Love Support Unite to empower local communities which will ground you and help you realise the potential for creating solutions to global issues with your business.

There will be inspirational masterclasses from Gayle and Suzy on;

Creating an elevated vision
Scaling your impact in the world
Clearing blocks to reach your full potential.

There will also be time for you to integrate your experience at the end of the trip as we travel to Kande Horse, near Kande Beach, Take a yoga class, ride on Kande Beach, watch the sunset or take a sunset swim in Lake Malawi. Come together to share ideas with the group, get individual mentorship from Gayle and Suzy or take time to craft the foundations of a new elevated vision for your business.

There will be short and energising small-group sessions designed to help you will be offered each day and will be designed in direct response to what you tell us you’d find most beneficial. They’ll be spontaneous, exciting and very powerful.

Gayle, Suzy and Nina and Alice Pulford, the founders of Love Support Unite will be on hand to inspire and support you sharing their stories, advice and guidance.


Get involved at a grassroots level helping to evaluate some of the poorest communities in the world with sustainable development projects supporting food security, education and health


Spend time with other inspiring visionary leaders and entrepreneurs looking to create social impact through sharing their passion and purpose in business


Elevate your business to the next level by creating a big vision for yourself and the world and use your work as a transformational force in the world.

This trip is not for profit so all profits will go straight back to the communities we will be working with to empower and elevate them from poverty.

This trip will ground you, inspire you and stay with you for life.

The Elevated Vision Transformational Trip is a truly magical experience. Life-changing experiences, development of vision, ideas and knowledge lead by passionate teachers. It is an inspirational adventure from start to finish. You will also be sharing this experience with a group of incredible entrepreneurs forging friendships and making connections for the future. It will change lives for the communities in Malawi as all profits from the trip go to Love Support Unite to enable them to implement sustainable development projects.

There are just ten places available on this unique trip that happens only once a year and if you’d like to join us, early booking is recommended.


We will be retreating at Kande Horse near Kande Beach, Malawi. The Stables Guest House provides three double luxury rooms for visitors wanting something a little different than the usual beachside experience. Kande offers accommodation packages for both riders and non-riders. Each beautifully furnished, the second-storey room provides comfortable 4-posted beds with mosquito net, fan, ensuite toilet and sink. Relax and unwind on one of the balconies as you watch the sunset across the horse stables and working yard.

Kande is nestled in amongst the forest, allowing the trees to provide you with respite from the African sun. The surrounding bush also offers fantastic walking paths if you are feeling active.

Kande invites you to join us for beautifully home-cooked meals each day, with much of the produce sourced from the vegetable garden. Kande chefs like to cook a variety of different foods and will tailor-make meals to suit your taste. Mealtimes are flexible to suit activities planned for the day. The closest beach is situated 3km away at Kande Beach Campsite. It is a short drive away, a nice walk away or a fantastic ride away.


We will spend four days in Lilongwe volunteering on local sustainable development projects. Every day will start with meditation and end with a journalling session. We will be staying in Eden Lodge where you can relax in the evenings for a swim or at the bar.

We will then travel to Kande Horse in the North of Malawi for a three-day retreat where you can integrate your experience, relax, do yoga, have a massage or swim with the horses in Lake Malawi. Each day there will be a session led by Suzy or Gayle and there will be an opportunity to mastermind with the group to get powerful answers to any challenges and blocks in your business. Every night there will be a gratitude circle around an open fire and plenty of time for connection.


Three meals a day
All visionary business sessions
Masterminding sessions
Horse riding


Food outside of three meals a day